Our Scents!

A brief description of some of our scents!

Lavender Lemon - Lavender essential oil blended with a bright burst of lemon fragrance

Tobacco & Amber - Notes of green tobacco leaf, warm amber, spice and a touch of citrus

Orange Blossom - Sweet floral orange blossoms & spring

Beachside - Notes of jasmine, gardenia, sandy shores & sea spray

Rosemary & Eucalyptus - Essential oils of fresh eucalyptus & earthy rosemary

Rose Garden - Smells like roses growing in an english garden, no vanilla or babypowder scent, smells just like  garden roses

Wildflower Honey - Sweet honey blended with notes of white wildflowers

Pacific Sea Moss- Notes of sea spray, moss, orchid and ocean air

Cactus Flower - Desert blooms, violets, musk & vetiver

Desert Rose - Notes of desert cactus, sweet agave and light florals

Watermelon Splash - Juicy ripe watermelon (Customers say it smells just like a watermelon jolly rancher!)

Fig Forest - Our most popular scent, ripe figs, green apples, pomegranates & a touch of pine forest

Queens Garden - Notes of peony, apples, deep red pomegranates, a touch of oak & musk

Stone - A custom blend of patchouli, vetiver & a splash of peppermint

Sweet Strawberry - Vine ripe strawberries with a touch of sugar


Ghost Stories - Fresh eucalyptus & mint that will send tingles down your spine

Haunted House - Planks of cedarwood blended with pale sweet coconut, notes of citrus, tonka bean & musk

Dark Soul - Zesty lime, bergamot and notes of frankincense.

Krampus - Black orchids, patchouli, spice, citrus, black rose & misbehaving children

Solstice - a light scent of sandalwood, patchouli, citrus, vanilla & amber

Land of Sweets - Notes of sweet ribbon candy, sugar plums & gumdrops

Winter Wonderland - Our most requested holiday scent! Notes of a crisp winter day, green apples, mountain sage & pine forest